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FAQ GuestBook Kiosk

What is a Guestbook Kiosk? 
Guestbook kiosk is stand alone booth with software that creates digital guest books with photos, videos and guest signatures. After your event, you will be given a  CD or USB that will include a Windows .exe file and all of the photos, videos and guestbook entries. You can then browse the guest book on your PC for all time memories.
What size is a Guestbook Kiosk? 
Equipment Size: 
0.7m wide x 0.5 m deep x 1.6m high 
Operational Area Required: 
0.7m wide x 0.5 m deep x 1.6m high 
Power: standard socket x 1
How is the Guestbook Kiosk operated? 
The booth is stand alone and operated by your guests. The booths themselves have a very easy to follow touchscreen menu that is designed to suit people of all ages. 
What options does a Guestbooth come with? 
Our new modern kiosks come with a full suite of the latest options. Dependent upon your budget you can have as few or as many of these options as you like;
  • Different colours and images on guest book cover. Different colours and images on kiosk front panel
  • Takes Photos and Video.
  • Touchscreen freehand writing and messaging.
  • Touchscreen freehand graphics
  • Red carpet and chain barriers
  • Props
How long is the hire? 
A basic hire is 24hrs but this is negotiable.
How much does it cost to hire? 
This will depend upon the options you choose. Basic packages start from £350

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